AI Airport Services Limited (AIASL) Current Openings Notification 25 Jr. Officer Technical Manager Recruitment 2023

An airport services company typically operates within the aviation industry, providing various services to airports, airlines, and passengers. These services may include, but are not limited to:

1. Ground Handling: Managing activities on the ground, such as baggage handling, aircraft towing, refueling, catering, and passenger boarding.

2. Passenger Services: Assisting passengers with check-in, security procedures, boarding, and other travel-related queries.

3. Cargo Handling: Managing the handling and transportation of cargo and freight at the airport.

4. Ramp Services: Ensuring smooth operations on the aircraft ramp, including marshalling, aircraft cleaning, and loading/unloading cargo.

5. Airport Security: Collaborating with airport authorities to maintain security protocols and passenger safety.

6. Aircraft Maintenance: Providing maintenance, repair, and overhaul services to airlines.

7. Customer Service: Managing customer inquiries and complaints, enhancing the overall passenger experience.

Vacancy Details:-

Vacancy Details for a specific organization or company typically refer to job openings or positions available for interested candidates. Below is a description of each position mentioned:

1. Terminal Manager – 01:

   The Terminal Manager is a senior-level position responsible for overseeing and managing the operations of a specific terminal within an airport. Their duties may include supervising staff, ensuring efficient passenger flow, maintaining terminal facilities, coordinating with airlines, and ensuring compliance with safety and security regulations.

2. Deputy Terminal Manager – 02:

   The Deputy Terminal Manager is a supporting role to the Terminal Manager. They assist the Terminal Manager in their duties and responsibilities, oversee specific aspects of terminal operations, and may act as a backup in the absence of the Terminal Manager.

3. Duty Manager-Pax – 06:

   The Duty Manager-Pax (Passenger) is responsible for managing passenger-related services and operations. They may handle passenger inquiries, address customer issues, oversee check-in and boarding processes, and ensure a smooth and pleasant experience for travelers.

4. Duty Officer-Pax – 03:

   The Duty Officer-Pax (Passenger) is a junior position within the passenger services department. They assist the Duty Manager-Pax in handling passenger-related tasks, managing queues, providing customer support, and ensuring compliance with airport policies.

5. Jr. Officer Technical – 12:

   The Jr. Officer Technical is a junior-level position that typically involves technical responsibilities within an airport. Their duties may include handling technical maintenance, assisting in equipment repairs, managing communication systems, and supporting the overall technical infrastructure of the airport.

Academic Details:-

The “Academic Details” provided indicate the educational qualifications required for aspirants interested in applying for certain positions. The qualifications vary based on the specific post. Here’s a breakdown of the academic requirements:

1. Graduation:

For some of the positions, candidates must have completed their graduation from a well-recognized Board/University/Institute. “Graduation” typically refers to a bachelor’s degree obtained after completing a three or four-year undergraduate program.

2. Bachelor of Engineering (B.E.):

For certain roles, candidates should have a Bachelor of Engineering (B.E.) degree from a well-recognized Board/University/Institute. B.E. is an undergraduate degree in engineering, and it usually takes four years to complete.

3. MBA (Master of Business Administration):

For specific positions, candidates are required to have an MBA degree from a well-recognized Board/University/Institute. MBA is a postgraduate degree that focuses on business administration, management, and related subjects.

Examination Fee:-

In this context, the description mentions examination fees for a particular test or recruitment process, where the charges vary based on the candidate’s category.

1. General Category: Aspirants who belong to the General Category are required to submit an application fee of Rs. 500/-. This means that candidates who fall under the general category need to pay Rs. 500 to complete their application and be considered for the examination or recruitment.

2. SC/ST and Ex-S Categories: Candidates belonging to the Scheduled Caste (SC), Scheduled Tribe (ST), and Ex-Servicemen (Ex-S) categories are exempted from paying the application fee. This exemption means that individuals from these specific categories can apply for the examination without any monetary charge.

candidates from disadvantaged backgrounds (SC/ST) and those who have served in the armed forces (Ex-S). By exempting them from paying the application fee, it helps ensure equal access to opportunities and encourages their participation in the examination or recruitment process.

Age Limit:-

The Age Limit mentioned for the vacancy specifies the age criteria that aspirants must meet in order to be eligible to apply for the respective positions.

1. For Post 1, Post 2, and Post 3: The age of aspirants applying for these positions must be above 55 years. This means that candidates should be at least 55 years old or older to be eligible to apply for these posts.

2. For Post 4: The age of aspirants applying for this position must be above 50 years. Candidates should be at least 50 years old or older to meet the age requirement for this particular post.

3. For Post 5: The age of aspirants applying for this position must be below 28 years. In this case, candidates should be younger than 28 years old to be considered eligible for this specific post.

Age limits are often set to ensure that candidates possess the required level of experience or to comply with certain regulations or policies related to employment. It’s recommended to carefully review the specific age limits provided for each vacancy to determine your eligibility.

Salary :-

AI Airport Services Limited. The salary is structured differently for each post, and here are the details:

1. For Post 1:

   – Successfully appointed contenders will receive a salary of Rs. 75,000/- per month.

2. For Post 2:

   – Successfully appointed contenders will receive a salary of Rs. 60,000/- per month.

3. For Post 3:

   – Successfully appointed contenders will receive a salary of Rs. 45,000/- per month.

4. For Post 4:

   – Successfully appointed contenders will receive a salary of Rs. 32,200/- per month.

5. For Post 5:

   – Successfully appointed contenders will receive a salary of Rs. 28,200/- per month.

The salary figures mentioned above represent the gross monthly pay, and it is the total amount earned before any deductions like taxes or provident fund contributions are made. The actual take-home salary may be lower than the gross salary due to these deductions.

 The salary offered is meant to attract qualified and skilled candidates to fill the respective positions in the organization. It’s worth noting that the salary structure and increments may vary based on company policies, industry standards, and other factors.

Walkin Interview Venue:-

 Here’s the description of the venue:

Venue: 2nd Floor, GSD Building, Air India Complex, Terminal-2, IGI Airport, New Delhi-110037.

1. Location: The venue is situated on the 2nd floor of the GSD Building, which is part of the Air India Complex at Terminal-2 of the Indira Gandhi International (IGI) Airport in New Delhi, India.

2. GSD Building: GSD likely stands for “Ground Support Division” or a similar term related to airport operations and support services. The building may house various administrative and operational offices related to the airport’s ground handling and support functions.

3. Air India Complex: The venue is part of the Air India Complex, which could be the centralized office space or operational area for various Air India functions and subsidiaries, including AI Airport Services Limited, which may be conducting the walk-in interview.

4. Terminal-2: Terminal-2 is a specific terminal within the Indira Gandhi International Airport in New Delhi. It serves both domestic and international flights.

5. New Delhi-110037: This is the postal code or PIN code of the area where the venue is located. It helps identify the specific geographic location within New Delhi.

Last Date:-

 Here’s the specific date:

Date: 31-07-2023.

This date indicates the day on which the walk-in interview will be conducted. Candidates interested in applying for the job or recruitment process should make sure to be available and present at the designated venue on this date.

Walk-in interviews are typically held on specific dates, and candidates are encouraged to attend on the scheduled day to have a face-to-face interaction with the recruiting team. It provides an opportunity for candidates to showcase their skills, experience, and qualifications directly, potentially leading to on-the-spot job offers or further consideration in the selection process.

If you are interested in the job opportunity and meet the eligibility criteria, mark this date on your calendar and prepare yourself to participate in the walk-in interview on 31st July 2023 at the venue mentioned earlier.

official website :-

The “official Website” mentioned is the official online platform of AI Airport Services Limited. Here’s a description of the website:


1. Domain: The website is hosted on the domain “” The “.in” domain extension indicates that it is a website associated with entities in India.

2. Organization: AI Airport Services Limited is the organization or company to which this website belongs. As the official website, it serves as the primary online presence for AI Airport Services Limited.

3. Purpose: The website serves multiple purposes, including providing information about AI Airport Services Limited, its services, job opportunities, announcements, and updates related to the organization’s activities.

4. Content: The website is likely to have various sections, such as “About Us,” “Services,” “Career,” “Contact,” and more. These sections provide detailed information about the company’s background, the services they offer (such as ground handling, passenger assistance, and other airport-related services), and the process of applying for job positions.

5. User Interface: The website’s user interface will likely be designed to be user-friendly, allowing visitors to navigate easily through different sections and access the information they need.

6. Contact Information: The website should provide contact information for AI Airport Services Limited, such as phone numbers, email addresses, and possibly a physical address for correspondence.

7. Job Opportunities: As mentioned earlier, the website might feature a “Career” or “Jobs” section that provides details about the current job openings in AI Airport Services Limited. This section might also include information on how to apply for these positions.

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1. Question: What is AI Airport Services Limited?

   Answer: AI Airport Services Limited is a company that provides various airport-related services, including ground handling, passenger assistance, cargo handling, aircraft maintenance, and more. It operates at airports to ensure the smooth functioning of various aviation operations.

2. Question: How can I apply for a job at AI Airport Services Limited?

   Answer: To apply for a job at AI Airport Services Limited, you can visit our official website,, and navigate to the “Careers” or “Jobs” section. There, you will find information about current job openings and the application process.

3. Question: What are the eligibility criteria for job positions at AI Airport Services Limited?

   Answer: The eligibility criteria may vary depending on the specific job position. Generally, it includes educational qualifications, work experience, and age limits. Detailed eligibility requirements are mentioned in the job descriptions for each vacancy.

4. Question: Is AI Airport Services Limited an Indian government organization?

   Answer: No, AI Airport Services Limited is not a government organization. It is a company that operates in the aviation sector and provides airport-related services.

5. Question: How can I contact AI Airport Services Limited for inquiries?

   Answer: You can contact AI Airport Services Limited by visiting our “Contact Us” section on the website, There, you will find our address, phone numbers, and email addresses for specific inquiries.

6. Question: Are there any job opportunities for fresh graduates at AI Airport Services Limited?

   Answer: Yes, AI Airport Services Limited occasionally offers job opportunities for fresh graduates. Keep an eye on our “Careers” section for updates on job openings suitable for entry-level candidates.

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