MPESB Animal Husbandry and Dairy Technology Admission Test ADDET Admissions 2023 Admit Card

“MPESB Animal Husbandry and Dairy Technology Admission Test” (ADDET). However, I can provide a general description of what an admission test in Animal Husbandry and Dairy Technology might entail.

An admission test for Animal Husbandry and Dairy Technology is a competitive examination conducted by educational institutions or relevant authorities to select candidates for admission into undergraduate or postgraduate programs in the field of Animal Husbandry and Dairy Technology.

The test is designed to assess the knowledge, aptitude, and skills of applicants in areas related to animal science, husbandry practices, dairy technology, veterinary sciences, and other relevant subjects. The purpose of this test is to identify the most suitable candidates who show potential and interest in pursuing a career in the animal husbandry and dairy industry.

The syllabus for the admission test typically covers topics such as:

1. Animal Anatomy and Physiology

2. Animal Nutrition

3. Livestock Production Management

4. Dairy Technology and Processing

5. Veterinary Science

6. Genetics and Breeding

7. Animal Health and Disease Management

8. Animal Reproduction and Breeding

9. Dairy Farm Management

10. Animal Welfare and Ethics

The test format may include multiple-choice questions, descriptive questions, practical assessments, and interviews. The exact format and difficulty level may vary depending on the institution or board conducting the examination.

Candidates interested in appearing for the MPESB Animal Husbandry and Dairy Technology Admission Test (ADDET) should refer to the official website of MPESB or the concerned educational institution for the most current and accurate information on the test’s eligibility criteria, application process, exam pattern, syllabus, and important dates.

Important Dates:-

 here is a description of each event:

1. Application Begin: 09/06/2023

   – This is the starting date for the application process. Candidates interested in participating in the event or examination can begin filling out their application forms from this date onwards.

2. Last Date for Apply Online: 23/06/2023

   – This is the deadline for submitting the online application form. Applicants must ensure that they complete and submit their applications before this date to be considered for the event or examination.

3. Last Date Pay Exam Fee: 23/06/2023

   – By this date, applicants must pay the required examination fee as specified by the organizing authority. Failure to pay the exam fee within this period may result in the rejection of the application.

4. Correction Last Date: 28/06/2023

   – In case applicants make any errors or need to make corrections in their submitted application forms, they can do so until this date. After this date, the option for making corrections may no longer be available.

5. Exam Date Start: 25/07/2023

   – This is the commencement date of the examination or event. Candidates who have successfully applied and fulfilled all the requirements will be eligible to appear for the exam or participate in the event on this date or the dates specified.

6. Admit Card Available: 21/07/2023

   – The admit card, which serves as an entry ticket to the examination hall or the event venue, will be made available to candidates from this date. Candidates can download their admit cards from the official website using their application details.

Application Fee:-

Here is a description of the application fee structure:

1. General / Other State: 460/-

   Candidates belonging to the General category or applicants from states other than Madhya Pradesh (Other State) are required to pay an application fee of Rs. 460/-. This fee is applicable for their participation in the application process.

2. MP Reserve Category: 260/-

   Candidates who fall under the reserved categories in Madhya Pradesh (MP Reserve Category) are eligible for a reduced application fee of Rs. 260/-. This reduced fee is applicable for candidates belonging to categories such as Scheduled Castes (SC), Scheduled Tribes (ST), Other Backward Classes (OBC), or any other reserved category specified by the state.

Payment Methods:

   Candidates can pay the application fee through the following methods:

   a. CASH At MP Online KIOSK: Applicants can visit the designated MP Online KIOSK centers and make the payment in cash. The KIOSKs are set up at various locations to facilitate fee payment for applicants.

   b. Debit Card, Credit Card, Net Banking: Candidates can also make the payment online using their Debit Card, Credit Card, or Net Banking facilities. This option allows for a convenient and secure online transaction.

Course details :-

Certainly! Based on the information provided, here’s a description of the two courses:

1. Animal Husbandry Diploma – 900 Posts:

The Animal Husbandry Diploma course is a program that focuses on the management and care of animals in various settings, such as farms, zoos, and veterinary clinics. It equips students with the knowledge and skills necessary to handle and maintain the health and well-being of different animals, including livestock and pets. The diploma course aims to provide comprehensive training in livestock management, animal breeding, nutrition, disease prevention, and healthcare practices.

The course appears to have 900 available posts, suggesting that there are 900 openings or seats available for prospective students to join the diploma program. The number of seats may vary depending on the institution or organization offering the course.

2. Dairy Technology – 100 Posts:

The Dairy Technology course is a specialized program that focuses on the processing and production of dairy products. Students enrolled in this course learn about the various stages of dairy product manufacturing, including milk collection, processing, quality control, and packaging. The curriculum typically covers topics related to dairy chemistry, microbiology, dairy engineering, and dairy product technology.

Similar to the Animal Husbandry Diploma, this course also mentions the availability of 100 posts, indicating that there are 100 seats available for students to enroll in the Dairy Technology program.

Additionally, the duration of these courses and specific subjects covered may vary depending on the educational institution and the curriculum they offer.

MP ADDET Eligibility:-

The MP ADDET (Madhya Pradesh Animal Husbandry and Dairy Technology Admission Test) eligibility criteria are as follows:

1. Educational Qualification: 

   – Candidates must have passed or be appearing in the 10+2 (Intermediate) examination.

   – The subjects in the 10+2 exam should include Physics, Chemistry, and Biology (PCB stream).

2. Age Limit:

   – The minimum age of the candidate should be 17 years as of 31st December 2023.

   – The maximum age of the candidate should be 28 years as of 31st December 2023.

 (31st December 2023 in this case). Candidates who fall within this age range are eligible to apply for the MP ADDET exam.

MP ADDET examination. The official notification will provide comprehensive details about the application process, reservation policies, examination pattern, syllabus, and other essential information for the candidates. It is essential to carefully read and understand the notification before applying for the examination.

Exam Center:-

The “Entrance Exam Center / District Details”  MP ADDET (Madhya Pradesh Animal Husbandry and Dairy Technology Admission Test) is likely to be conducted. Here is a description of the exam centers mentioned:

1. Bhopal: Bhopal is the capital city of Madhya Pradesh and serves as a major educational hub in the state. It is home to several prestigious institutions and colleges, making it a prominent center for academic activities.

2. Indore: Indore is one of the largest cities in Madhya Pradesh and is known for its educational institutions, particularly in the fields of science and technology. It has several renowned colleges and universities that attract students from various parts of the state and beyond.

3. Jabalpur: Jabalpur is an important city in Madhya Pradesh with a rich historical and cultural heritage. It has several educational institutes, including those offering courses in agriculture and animal husbandry.

4. Gwalior: Gwalior is a city with a strong academic presence, known for its institutions providing quality education in various fields. It has a significant number of students pursuing studies in science and agriculture-related disciplines.

5. Ujjain: Ujjain is a historical city with religious significance and is home to various educational institutions. The city has seen growth in the field of education, and it offers courses in agriculture and allied disciplines.

6. Satna: Satna is a city in eastern Madhya Pradesh, and it has a growing educational landscape. It is emerging as an educational center, and the entrance exam may be conducted here to facilitate students from this region.

7. Sagar: Sagar is a city located in the central part of Madhya Pradesh and is known for its academic institutions. It has colleges and universities offering courses in agriculture, dairy technology, and related fields.

8. Ratlam: Ratlam is a town in western Madhya Pradesh and is gradually becoming a hub for education and professional courses. It may serve as an exam center for candidates from the western part of the state.

9. Neemach: Neemach, also known as Mandsaur, is a city in western Madhya Pradesh. It is likely to be an exam center to cater to candidates from this region who wish to appear for the MP ADDET.

Official Website:-

official website “” corresponds to the website of the Madhya Pradesh Employment Service Bureau (ESB) or the Directorate of Employment, Government of Madhya Pradesh.

Madhya Pradesh. The website offers valuable information and resources for job seekers, employers, and those interested in skill development and vocational training.

Key features and information you might find on the official website of Madhya Pradesh Employment Service Bureau ( include:

1. Job Opportunities: The website may list current job openings and vacancies available in different government departments and private organizations across Madhya Pradesh. Job seekers can search and apply for suitable positions through the portal.

2. Employment Services: The website likely provides details about the employment services offered by the Madhya Pradesh Employment Service Bureau, which may include job fairs, job counseling, vocational guidance, and other initiatives aimed at improving employment prospects in the state.

3. Skill Development: Information about various skill development programs, training courses, and vocational education opportunities might be available on the website. These initiatives are designed to enhance the employability of individuals in different sectors.

4. Online Registration: Job seekers may have the option to register themselves on the website to access job-related services and receive updates about job opportunities in the state.

5. Notifications and News: The website is likely to feature the latest announcements, notifications, and news related to employment and skill development initiatives in Madhya Pradesh.

6. Contact Information: Contact details of the Madhya Pradesh Employment Service Bureau or relevant authorities might be provided for inquiries and assistance.

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1. Q: What is the eligibility criteria for the MP ADDET (Animal Husbandry and Dairy Technology) entrance exam?

   A: Candidates must have passed or be appearing in the 10+2 (Intermediate) examination with Physics, Chemistry, and Biology (PCB) as their main subjects. The minimum age should be 17 years, and the maximum age limit is 28 years as of 31st December 2023.

2. Q: How can I download the admit card for the MP ADDET entrance exam?

   A: The admit card for the MP ADDET exam can be downloaded from the official website ( by logging in with your registration details. It is essential to carry the admit card to the exam center on the day of the test.

3. Q: What is the application fee for the MP ADDET entrance exam?

   A: The application fee may vary each year and could be mentioned in the official notification. Candidates need to check the official website or notification for the current application fee details.

4. Q: What are the courses offered under the Animal Husbandry Diploma program?

   A: The Animal Husbandry Diploma program may cover various subjects related to the breeding, rearing, and management of livestock animals, such as cattle, sheep, goats, poultry, and pigs. It may include topics like animal health, nutrition, reproduction, genetics, and husbandry practices.

5. Q: How can I get updates about upcoming job opportunities through the Madhya Pradesh Employment Service Bureau (MPESB)?

   A: Job seekers can visit the official website ( and create an account to receive notifications about job openings and recruitment opportunities in Madhya Pradesh.

6. Q: Can I apply for the MP ADDET exam if I am from a different state?

   A: The eligibility criteria for the MP ADDET exam may specify whether it is open to candidates from other states or limited to Madhya Pradesh residents. It’s essential to check the official notification for this information.

7. Q: What is the exam pattern for the MP ADDET entrance test?

   A: The exam pattern, including the number of questions, subjects, marking scheme, and duration, will be specified in the official notification or exam guidelines released by the conducting authority.

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