Indian Coast Guard Vacancy Advt 35 MTS, Store Keeper, Civilian Motor Transport Driver Recruitment 2023 – 2024

Indian Coast Guard job notification is an official announcement released by the Indian Coast Guard to inform interested candidates about job vacancies, recruitment procedures, eligibility criteria, application process, important dates, and other relevant information related to the recruitment of personnel in various positions within the Indian Coast Guard.

Here’s what you might find in an Indian Coast Guard job notification:

1. **Job Vacancies:** The notification will list the available positions for which the Indian Coast Guard is recruiting. These positions could include roles such as Navik (General Duty), Yantrik (Technical), Assistant Commandant, etc.

2. **Eligibility Criteria:** Detailed information about the required educational qualifications, age limits, physical standards, nationality requirements, and any other eligibility criteria will be mentioned. Different positions might have different eligibility criteria.

3. **Application Process:** The notification will explain how candidates can apply for the job. It might involve submitting applications online through the official website or a designated portal. Instructions regarding the application form, documents required, photograph, signature, etc., will be provided.

4. **Selection Process:** The notification will outline the selection procedure, which usually involves stages like written examinations, physical fitness tests, medical examinations, and interviews. The weightage given to each stage might vary depending on the position.

5. **Important Dates:** The notification will include crucial dates such as the start and end date for submitting applications, dates for written exams, physical tests, and other relevant events.

6. **Application Fee:** If applicable, the notification will mention the application fee amount, payment methods, and details on exemptions (if any).

7. **Admit Card:** Information about how and when candidates can download their admit cards for the written exam or other selection stages.

8. **Syllabus and Exam Pattern:** The notification might include details about the syllabus for the written examination and the pattern of the exam.

9. **Contact Information:** In case candidates have any queries or need assistance, the notification will provide contact details or helpline numbers.

10. **Official Website:** The notification will direct candidates to the official website where they can find more information and updates related to the recruitment process.

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1. **Store Keeper Grade II – 01:**

   This position involves managing and maintaining the inventory of stores and supplies. The Store Keeper is responsible for ensuring proper storage, issuance, and record-keeping of items.

2. **Engine Driver – 04:**

   An Engine Driver is responsible for operating and maintaining the engines of various vessels. This role requires technical expertise in marine engineering and the safe operation of engines.

3. **Draughtsman – 01:**

   A Draughtsman is responsible for creating detailed technical drawings and plans. In the context of the Indian Coast Guard, this role might involve preparing plans related to ship structures, equipment, or facilities.

4. **Civilian Motor Transport Driver (Ordinary Grade) – 04:**

   A Civilian Motor Transport Driver is responsible for driving and maintaining motor vehicles used by the Indian Coast Guard. This role includes ensuring the safe transportation of personnel and goods.

5. **Forklift Operator – 01:**

   A Forklift Operator is responsible for operating forklifts and other heavy equipment for loading, unloading, and transporting cargo. This role is crucial for logistics operations.

6. **Welder (Skilled) – 01:**

   A Skilled Welder performs welding tasks, joining metals and materials using various welding techniques. In the context of the Coast Guard, this skill might be utilized for repairing and maintaining vessels and equipment.

7. **Lascar – 08:**

   A Lascar typically performs support tasks on a ship, such as cleaning, maintenance, and assisting with various duties under the supervision of higher-ranking personnel.

8. **MTS (Peon) – 02:**

   A Multi-Tasking Staff (MTS) in the role of a Peon performs general support tasks such as office cleaning, delivering messages, and providing assistance to staff.

9. **MTS (Sweeper) – 02:**

   An MTS in the role of a Sweeper is responsible for maintaining cleanliness and hygiene in the workplace by sweeping and cleaning designated areas.

10. **Unskilled Labourer – 01:**

    An Unskilled Labourer performs basic manual labor tasks that may vary depending on the needs of the organization. This role might involve tasks such as loading and unloading cargo, assisting with construction, or general maintenance.

Qualification Required:-

The qualification requirements provided suggest that candidates interested in applying for various positions must meet specific educational criteria. 

1. **10th Standard (Matriculation):**

   Candidates must have completed their 10th standard education from a well-recognized board or institution. This is a fundamental educational requirement for many entry-level positions and signifies a basic level of academic qualification.

2. **12th Standard (Intermediate):**

   For certain positions, candidates are required to have completed their 12th standard education from a recognized board. The 12th standard education is considered a higher level of academic qualification compared to the 10th standard.

3. **Diploma in Engineering:**

   Candidates applying for specific technical or engineering-related positions should hold a Diploma in Engineering from a recognized institution. A Diploma in Engineering indicates a specialized education in various engineering disciplines such as mechanical, electrical, civil, etc.

Age Requirement:-

Here’s a breakdown of the age requirements for each post:

1. **Post 1 and 3:**

   The candidates applying for Post 1 and Post 3 must have an age between 18 and 25 years. This means that candidates must be at least 18 years old and not exceed 25 years of age as of the specified date. These posts have a narrower age range for eligibility.

2. **Post 2 and 7:**

   For Post 2 and Post 7, candidates should be in the age range of 18 to 30 years. This means that candidates must be at least 18 years old and should not be older than 30 years as of the specified date. The eligibility window is broader compared to the previous posts.

3. **Post 4 to 6 and 8 to 10:**

   Candidates interested in applying for Post 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, and 10 should have an age between 18 and 27 years. This means that candidates must be at least 18 years old and must not exceed 27 years of age as of the specified date.

The age requirements are generally determined based on factors such as the nature of the job, level of responsibility, and specific criteria set by the Indian Coast Guard or relevant authorities. These requirements are designed to ensure that candidates possess an appropriate level of maturity, physical fitness, and potential for fulfilling the responsibilities associated with the positions.

Salary Details:-

Here’s a breakdown of the salary ranges for each post:

1. **Salary: Rs. 19,900 – 63,200/- (Post 1,4-6):**

   Candidates appointed to positions falling under this salary range will receive a monthly salary that ranges from Rs. 19,900 to Rs. 63,200. The salary may vary based on factors such as experience, qualifications, and the specific job role.

2. **Salary: Rs. 25,500-81,100/- (Post 2,3):**

   For the positions categorized under this salary range, selected candidates will be eligible for a monthly salary ranging from Rs. 25,500 to Rs. 81,100. This range is indicative of the salary progression and the potential for growth within these specific roles.

3. **Salary: Rs. 18,000-56,900/- (Post 7-10):**

   Candidates appointed to positions falling within this salary bracket can expect a monthly salary ranging from Rs. 18,000 to Rs. 56,900. This salary range is associated with specific roles and responsibilities and reflects the compensation provided for those positions.

The salary details provided indicate the basic pay scale for each position. Additionally, there might be other allowances and benefits provided to employees as per government rules and regulations. These allowances could include Dearness Allowance (DA), House Rent Allowance (HRA), Travel Allowance (TA), and other admissible allowances.

Address Application:-

The address provided is the location to which applicants should send their application forms or documents for the Indian Coast Guard recruitment. Here’s an overview of the address for submitting applications:

**Address for Application Submission:**

Headquarters, Coast Guard Region (West)

Worli Sea Face PO, Worli Colony,

Mumbai – 400 030

Applicants who are interested in applying for the mentioned positions in the Indian Coast Guard should send their application forms, supporting documents, and any other required materials to the above address. This is the designated location where the recruitment authorities will receive and process the applications.

It’s important for candidates to ensure that they accurately follow the instructions provided in the official job notification regarding the submission of application forms and documents. This may include details about the application process, required enclosures, deadline for submission, and any specific guidelines for packaging and mailing.

Important Date to Keep in Mind:-

The “Important Date to Keep in Mind” 

**End Date To Submit Hard Copy of Application Form: 04-09-2023**

This date, September 4, 2023, marks the deadline for submitting the hard copy of the application form for the Indian Coast Guard recruitment. It is the final day by which candidates must ensure that their complete and properly filled-out application forms, along with any required documents, reach the designated address mentioned in the recruitment notification.

It’s imperative for applicants to submit their application forms before this deadline to ensure that their applications are considered for the recruitment process. Missing the deadline could result in the application not being accepted or processed.

Official Website:-

**Official Website:**

The official website of the Indian Coast Guard, accessible at the URL, serves as the primary online platform for information, updates, and resources related to the Indian Coast Guard’s activities, recruitment, operations, and more. This website is maintained by the Indian Coast Guard and is a reliable source of accurate and official information.

**Key Features of the Official Website:**

1. **Recruitment Information:** The website likely provides details about ongoing and upcoming recruitment opportunities within the Indian Coast Guard, including job positions, eligibility criteria, application procedures, and important dates.

2. **News and Updates:** The website may feature news articles, press releases, and updates related to the Indian Coast Guard’s activities, missions, and achievements.

3. **Operational Information:** Information about the Coast Guard’s operations, such as search and rescue missions, maritime security, and disaster response, may be available on the website.

4. **About Us:** This section typically provides an overview of the Indian Coast Guard’s history, organizational structure, and mission.

5. **Contact Details:** The website might include contact information for various Coast Guard units, recruitment cells, and administrative offices.

6. **Downloads:** Resources such as application forms, official notifications, and other documents related to recruitment and operations may be available for download.

7. **Media Gallery:** The website might include photos, videos, and other multimedia content showcasing the Coast Guard’s activities, equipment, and personnel.

8. **Links to Related Resources:** The website might include links to other relevant government websites, maritime safety organizations, and official social media profiles.

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**Q1:** What is the Indian Coast Guard?

**A1:** The Indian Coast Guard is a maritime security agency responsible for safeguarding India’s maritime interests, ensuring maritime safety, and enforcing maritime laws within the country’s territorial waters.

**Q2:** How can I apply for Indian Coast Guard recruitment?

**A2:** To apply for Indian Coast Guard recruitment, visit the official website (, navigate to the recruitment section, and follow the instructions provided in the recruitment notifications.

**Q3:** What are the eligibility criteria for Indian Coast Guard jobs?

**A3:** Eligibility criteria vary based on the specific position. Generally, candidates must have the required educational qualifications, meet age criteria, and fulfill any other job-specific requirements mentioned in the recruitment notification.

**Q4:** What is the selection process for Coast Guard jobs?

**A4:** The selection process usually involves written exams, physical fitness tests, medical examinations, and interviews. The specific process may vary based on the position.

**Q5:** Can female candidates apply for Coast Guard jobs?

**A5:** Yes, certain positions in the Indian Coast Guard are open to female candidates. Check the recruitment notification for position-specific eligibility details.

**Q6:** What is the age limit for Coast Guard recruitment?

**A6:** The age limit varies based on the position. Refer to the recruitment notification for each position to find the specific age criteria.

**Q7:** What documents do I need to submit along with my application?

**A7:** Required documents may include educational certificates, proof of age, caste certificates (if applicable), and any other documents specified in the recruitment notification.

**Q8:** How can I download my admit card?

**A8:** Admit cards can usually be downloaded from the official website by entering your registration number and other required details. Notifications will provide instructions and links when admit cards are available.

**Q9:** Is there an application fee for Coast Guard recruitment?

**A9:** Application fees, if applicable, will be mentioned in the recruitment notification. Follow the instructions in the notification to make the payment.

**Q10:** Where can I find updates and news about Coast Guard recruitment?

**A10:** The official Indian Coast Guard website ( is the primary source for recruitment updates, news, and notifications. Regularly check the website for the latest information.

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