KMC Jobs Advt 59 Medical Officer Recruitment 2023 – 2024

Kolkata Municipal Corporation (KMC) is the governing body responsible for the administration and management of the city of Kolkata, the capital of the Indian state of West Bengal. Established in 1876, it is one of the oldest municipal corporations in India and plays a crucial role in providing essential civic services to the residents of Kolkata.

Functions and Responsibilities:

1. Urban Planning: KMC is involved in urban planning and development, including land-use regulations, zoning, and infrastructure development projects to accommodate the city’s growing population and changing needs.

2. Public Health: The corporation oversees public health initiatives, including sanitation, waste management, and vector control programs, to ensure a clean and healthy living environment for the residents.

3. Education: KMC is responsible for managing and improving educational institutions within its jurisdiction, including schools and colleges, to promote quality education and literacy in the city.

4. Water Supply and Sewage: It provides safe and sufficient water supply to the citizens while also managing sewage treatment and disposal to prevent water pollution.

5. Roads and Transport: The corporation is involved in maintaining and upgrading roads, bridges, and other transportation infrastructure, as well as regulating public transport systems within the city.

6. Licensing and Regulation: KMC issues licenses for various activities, such as trade, businesses, and construction, and ensures compliance with relevant regulations and bylaws.

7. Property Tax Collection: The corporation collects property taxes from residents and commercial establishments, which are crucial sources of revenue for the city’s development.

8. Disaster Management: KMC plays a vital role in disaster preparedness and response to natural calamities or emergencies within its jurisdiction.


The Kolkata Municipal Corporation is headed by the Mayor, who is elected by the elected members of the corporation. The Mayor is assisted by a council of elected representatives, known as Councillors or Corporators, who represent various wards of the city. The Mayor and the Councillors work together to address the issues and concerns of the residents and make decisions related to the city’s development and governance.

The administrative functions of the KMC are divided into several departments, each responsible for specific areas of governance, such as health, engineering, finance, education, and more.


Like any metropolitan city, Kolkata faces numerous challenges, including rapid urbanization, traffic congestion, environmental pollution, and inadequate infrastructure. The Kolkata Municipal Corporation strives to address these issues and improve the overall quality of life for its citizens through various developmental projects and initiatives.

Overall, the Kolkata Municipal Corporation plays a pivotal role in the growth and development of the city and works to enhance the living standards of its residents while preserving the city’s cultural heritage.

KMC Vacancy Details:-

Apply Mode: Walk-in Interview” means that candidates interested in the KMC (Kolkata Municipal Corporation) vacancies can directly appear for the interview at the specified venue and date, without the need to submit applications through any other means like online application or postal submission.

KMC Vacancy Details:

1. Medical Officer – 59 Posts

This indicates that there are 59 vacant positions for the role of Medical Officer in the Kolkata Municipal Corporation. The Medical Officer is a crucial position responsible for providing medical services and healthcare support in various KMC health facilities, hospitals, or clinics.

Candidates who meet the eligibility criteria for the Medical Officer position can attend the walk-in interview as per the date and time specified by the KMC authorities. During the walk-in interview, the candidates’ qualifications, experience, and suitability for the role will be assessed, and the final selection will be made based on their performance in the interview.

It’s important for interested candidates to prepare for the interview thoroughly, carrying all necessary documents, certificates, and testimonials as required by the KMC. These may include educational certificates, professional degrees, work experience proof, identification documents, and passport-sized photographs.

Since the mode of application is a walk-in interview, candidates should ensure they are well-prepared to present themselves professionally and confidently during the interview process to maximize their chances of securing the Medical Officer position in the Kolkata Municipal Corporation.

Qualification Required:-

The Kolkata Municipal Corporation (KMC) requires candidates to meet specific qualification criteria to be eligible for jobs within the organization. As per the provided description:

Qualification Required: Candidates who are willing to apply for KMC jobs must possess an MBBS degree from any recognized board or institution.


1. Minimum Qualification: The minimum educational requirement for candidates applying for jobs in the Kolkata Municipal Corporation is an MBBS degree. MBBS stands for Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery, and it is a fundamental medical degree pursued by individuals aspiring to become doctors.

2. Recognized Board or Institution: The MBBS degree should be obtained from a recognized board or institution. In India, medical education is overseen and accredited by organizations such as the Medical Council of India (MCI) or the respective State Medical Councils. Candidates should ensure that the board or institution from which they obtained their MBBS degree is recognized by these authorities.

To summarize, to be eligible for jobs in the Kolkata Municipal Corporation, candidates must have completed their MBBS degree from a recognized board or institution. Meeting this educational qualification is essential for candidates aspiring to apply for various roles, such as Medical Officers or other medical-related positions within the organization. Additionally, candidates may need to fulfill other specific requirements, as mentioned in the official job notification or advertisement issued by KMC for the respective job openings.

Age Limit:-

the maximum age limit for candidates applying for jobs is 67 years as of August 1, 2023. This means that candidates who are 67 years old or younger on or before August 1, 2023, are eligible to apply for these jobs. Anyone who exceeds this age limit would not be eligible to apply for the positions.


The description provided indicates that the salary for the job position is Rs. 24,000 per month, as per the organization’s norms. This means that the selected candidate will receive a monthly salary of Rs. 24,000 for their work in the organization.

Here are some key points to note about the salary information:

1. Amount: The salary offered is Rs. 24,000 per month. This is the fixed amount that the employee will receive every month for their services.

2. Currency: The currency mentioned is the Indian Rupee (Rs.), denoted by the symbol “₹”. The salary is specified in the local currency used in India.

3. Payment Frequency: The salary is paid on a monthly basis. This is a common payment frequency in many organizations, where employees receive their salaries at the end of each month.

4. Organization Norms: The salary figure is mentioned to be as per the organization’s norms. This implies that the organization has set this particular amount as the standard or approved salary for the job position in question.

5. Additional Benefits: The salary information provided does not mention any additional benefits that may be offered, such as allowances, bonuses, or other perks. Often, organizations offer various benefits in addition to the basic salary, which could include medical insurance, retirement plans, transportation allowances, etc. Candidates should inquire about these details during the hiring process.

6. Applicability: It’s important to note that salary figures can vary for different job positions within an organization and may also differ across various industries and locations.

Walkin Interview Venue:-

The walk-in interview venue is located at Room No. 254, 2nd floor, PMU (Project Management Unit), Kolkata City NUHM (National Urban Health Mission) Society, 5, S.N. Banerjee Road, Kolkata-700013.

Here’s a breakdown of the address:

– Venue Name: Room No. 254, 2nd floor, PMU, Kolkata City NUHM Society

– Address: 5, S.N. Banerjee Road, Kolkata-700013

The venue seems to be associated with the Kolkata City NUHM Society, which is likely a part of the National Urban Health Mission, a government initiative aimed at providing quality healthcare services to urban populations in India. The Project Management Unit (PMU) is responsible for overseeing specific projects or activities related to health services in the city.

 It’s a good idea to bring all the necessary documents and credentials related to the job application, as well as any other documents requested in the job advertisement or interview notification. Dress appropriately and be prepared to answer questions about your qualifications, work experience, and other relevant aspects of the job. Good luck with your interview!

Remarkable Date:-

The remarkable date mentioned is the “Date of Interview: 04-08-2023.”

On this specific date, which is the 4th of August 2023, the interview for the job position or opportunity will take place. Job seekers or candidates who have been invited for this interview should mark this date on their calendars and make necessary preparations to attend the interview.

Interviews are crucial steps in the job application process, as they provide an opportunity for employers to assess the candidates’ skills, qualifications, and suitability for the position. It is essential for candidates to be well-prepared, present themselves professionally, and showcase their strengths and experiences during the interview.

If you have been scheduled for an interview on this date, ensure that you have all the required documents, such as your resume, certificates, and identification, ready to present to the interviewers. Also, take some time to research the company or organization offering the job, as well as the specific role you are applying for. Being well-informed about the company’s values, culture, and recent achievements can help you stand out during the interview process.

Remember to arrive at the interview venue on time and dressed appropriately for a professional setting. Being punctual and displaying a positive attitude can leave a lasting impression on the interviewers. Good luck with your interview on the remarkable date

Official Website:-

The official website of Kolkata Municipal Corporation (KMC) is

This website serves as the primary online platform for the Kolkata Municipal Corporation, providing valuable information and various services for the residents of Kolkata. The website is designed to be user-friendly and informative, catering to the needs of citizens, businesses, and other stakeholders associated with the city.

Key features and sections commonly found on the official website of Kolkata Municipal Corporation may include:

1. Home Page: The homepage usually offers quick links to important announcements, news, and updates related to the city’s governance and services.

2. About Us: This section provides an overview of the Kolkata Municipal Corporation, its history, objectives, and key functions.

3. Services: Here, visitors can find information about the various services offered by the corporation, such as property tax payment, birth and death certificates, trade licenses, and more.

4. Departments: This section may list the different departments operating within the corporation and the services they provide.

5. Online Services: The website may offer online facilities for various tasks like paying bills, applying for permits, and registering complaints.

6. Notices and Tenders: Information about current tenders, advertisements, and public notices related to the corporation’s projects and initiatives may be available here.

7. Contact Us: This section typically provides contact details, including phone numbers and email addresses, for different departments and offices within the Kolkata Municipal Corporation.

8. Recruitment: Job seekers may find updates on job vacancies, recruitment notifications, and application procedures.

9. Citizen’s Corner: This section may have resources for citizens, including grievance redressal mechanisms, civic engagement opportunities, and useful links.

10. Projects and Initiatives: Information about ongoing and upcoming development projects and initiatives in the city might be provided.

11. News and Events: This section may include news articles, press releases, and updates on events organized by or related to the corporation.

12. Social Media Integration: Links to the corporation’s official social media profiles, where citizens can get updates and engage with the organization, may also be present.

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Q1: How can I pay my property tax online to Kolkata Municipal Corporation?

Ans: You can pay your property tax online to Kolkata Municipal Corporation by visiting the official website Look for the “Online Services” section and select the option for property tax payment. Enter your property details, calculate the tax amount, and proceed to make the payment through the available online payment modes like credit/debit cards or net banking.

Q2: How can I apply for a trade license in Kolkata?

Ans: To apply for a trade license in Kolkata, you can follow these steps:

   a. Visit the official website of Kolkata Municipal Corporation –

   b. Navigate to the “Online Services” section and select “Trade License.”

   c. Fill out the application form with the required details and upload the necessary documents.

   d. Submit the application and pay the prescribed fees online.

   e. After verification, you will receive the trade license on the given address.

Q3: What documents are required to apply for a birth certificate in Kolkata?

Ans: To apply for a birth certificate in Kolkata, you need the following documents:

   a. Birth certificate application form (available on the KMC website).

   b. Proof of birth (hospital/medical records, certificate from midwife, etc.).

   c. Identity proof of parents (Aadhar card, voter ID, etc.).

   d. Marriage certificate of parents (if applicable).

   e. Address proof (ration card, electricity bill, etc.).

   f. Affidavit stating the date and place of birth.

   g. Passport-sized photographs of the child.

Q4: How can I register a complaint regarding sanitation issues in my locality?

Ans: To register a complaint regarding sanitation issues in your locality, you can do the following:

   a. Contact the local ward office of Kolkata Municipal Corporation. You can find the contact details on the KMC website.

   b. Use the official helpline numbers provided on the website to report the issue.

   c. Visit the “Grievance Redressal” section on the website and submit your complaint online.

Q5: Where can I find the latest tenders released by Kolkata Municipal Corporation?

Ans: The latest tenders released by Kolkata Municipal Corporation are usually available on the official website You can check the “Notices and Announcements” section or look for specific sections related to tenders or procurement on the website to find the latest tender notifications.

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